Sesame AI Chat Social - Connect with customers on all major social media through an artificial intelligence autoresponder to enhance the customer service experience

Combined with AI auto-responders and support for platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and SMS, you can support different customers and enhance your customer service.

Sesame Chat Loyalty Program

Sesame AI can double-up your online & offline business through every business details of merchants

Accumulate points

With Sesame AI, merchants can store points for their customers without using any mobile phone application

Selling points coupons

Merchants can sell vouchers

Point Redeem

Customers can redeem points for shopping credit or discount by SMS

One simple plan

Let Sesame AI work for you.

HK$699 per month, no contract, flexible and convenient. Sesame AI can connect to Facebook / Instagram / WhatsApp and start handling the conversations.

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