Sesame AI can double-up your online & offline business through every business details of merchants

AI automatically replies to your customers, leads them to buy more on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

Introduction Video

Show you how Sesame AI can help you create more business

Control Panel

Sesame AI can double-up your online & offline business through every business details of merchants

Multiple Users

Sesame AI enables multiple users to share the same WhatsApp number

Multiple store management

Sesame AI enables merchants to manage multiple stores with the same account

Human & AI hybrid

Sesame AI automatic reply and merchant manual reply hybrid operation

Send a message at an appointment time

Through the scheduling message function to send message

Automatically analyze messages

Sesame AI can understand the content of customer messages and perform detailed analysis, which is beneficial to marketing

Customer conversation tracking

Sesame AI records customer IDs, enabling you to create tracking promotion strategies

Contact Input & output

Merchants can use excel import and only have customer list data into the system, and the system can do automatic processes afterwards

Facebook subscription function

By offering discounts, guests reply to the Post and invite them to become a subscription

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Sesame AI engages your customers while you work / sleep / play / out.


Chat Social

Social media interaction​

Merchants post new posts on social media, and customers express interest and leave messages. Sesame AI can help you answer the messages and reduce the workload.

Show customer identity

Sesame AI can get the customer profile and Facebook ID in the response

Convert from comment to private message

Sesame AI can transform a comment into a private message, generate a private message on Facebook Messager to contact guests, and speed up binding to become a contact

Product desciption

Sesame AI enables merchants to introduce product content to customers and conduct marketing during the answering process

Automatically label conversation content

Sesame AI can record all the responses between customers and merchants, understand customer preferences, automatically label related content, and help marketing analysis

Limited marketing campaign

Sesame AI can help merchants to carry out some time-related marketing activities. Merchants can set a “scheduled time” in advance to send out reminder messages, trending customers to shop

Sesame Chat Commerce

Sesame AI responds immediately, giving customers a new interactive experience

WhatsApp conversation shopping

Sesame AI allows customers to leave messages directly to purchase products in the response

Create a shopping cart via WhatsApp

Sesame AI enables customers to complete the shopping cart within the answer

Support E-payment

Sesame AI allows customers to pay within the answer, supports FPS, credit card, Payme

Track order status

Sesame AI can track the order status in the answer

Shipping tracking

Sesame AI can send a tracking number via WhatsApp to notify customers of the progress of the order

Follow-up reminder notification

Sesame AI can preset at a specific time, automatically send notifications to remind customers of precautions

Connect with customers

Merchants can use WhatsApp to contact customers directly

Product information update

Sesame AI enables merchants to provide product information updates via WhatsApp

Offer discounts

Sesame AI merchants can provide discounts via WhatsApp, or select specific customers to provide discounts

Deal with customer service issues

Sesame AI handles the most common problems and saves you time.

Bind customers and continue marketing

Sesame AI can bind customers, even if customers are offline, they can still use these data for further marketing and attract return visits.

Incomplete shopping cart checkout prompt

Approximately 70% of customers will leave the website before completing the shopping checkout. Sesame AI can remind customers to checkout through WhatsApp, which greatly increases the conversion rate.

Sesame Chat Loyalty Program

Sesame AI can double-up your online & offline business through every business details of merchants

Accumulate points

Merchants use Sesame AI, without any mobile
phone program, allowing customers to accumulate points

Selling points coupons

Merchants can sell vouchers

Point Redeem

Customers can use SMS to exchange points for shopping credit or discount


Chat Booking

Sesame AI helps you automatically accept guest appointments

One simple plan

Let Sesame AI work for you.

HK$699 per month, no contract, flexible and convenient. Sesame AI can connect to Facebook / Instagram / WhatsApp and start handling the conversations.

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