Sesame AI is committed to helping the financial and insurance industries

Unleash your productivity with instant messaging

Hitting sales targets with ease

Shorten your sales cycle

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Faster sales cycles
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Absence or cancellation of appointments

Faster Billing Process

Making the intermediary process more efficient through automation

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Faster customer response
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Staff Satisfaction

Optimising the Catering Sales Process

One-click invoicing of receipts and processing of customer payments

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Reduced sales friction
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Staff Satisfaction

Closer Customer Relationships

Harnessing key consumer insights

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Faster decision times
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Net recommended score (vs. industry standard)

Integration of third party software

One simple plan

Let Sesame AI work for you.

HK$699 per month, no contract, flexible and convenient. Sesame AI can connect to Facebook / Instagram / WhatsApp and start handling the conversations.

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