Sesame AI engages your customers while you work / sleep / play / out.

AI automatically replies to your customers, leads them to buy more on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

Sesame AI Auto Reply and Sale Funnel Video

Autoreply Facebook Post

Engage customers and upsell

Make social post interactive. Sesame AI replies and guides customers to buy.

When customers engage with you through comments or private messages, do you reply fast enough to capture the golden moment?  Let Sesame AI handle for you.  It facilitates the customers from learning your offers to buying them.  

Convert chatting to shopping

Sesame AI completes transactions for you. Customers can shop and pay directly in the messages.

When a customer wants to buy, remote all hurdles by just messaging “buy”.  Sesame AI guides customers through the steps and complete the transactions.  You can focus on handling the new orders.  It makes running an online business simple.


Run social campaign

Sesame AI handles all comments and messages.

Sell directly through messaging

Sesame AI handles product details, shopping cart and checkout by messaging.

Handle customer service

Sesame AI saves you time by handling the most frequently asked questions.

Make broadcast messages

Sesame AI allows you to broadcast messages based on existing templates.

Digital Retargeting

Once connected, Sesame AI keeps track of your customers' messenger / social media ID.

Mixed mode

AI and your staff can work side-by-side in the conversations.

Third-Party Integration​

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One simple plan

Let Sesame AI work for you.

HK$699 per month, no contract, flexible and convenient. Sesame AI can connect to Facebook / Instagram / WhatsApp and start handling the conversations.

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